With more than 15 years of experience in EU projects, SYNTHESIS Center for Research and Education is a pioneering organisation which is implementing projects with social impact, primarily in the fields of social inclusion, migrant integration, entrepreneurship, and sustainable development.

Country: Cyprus

SYNTHESIS is the leading organization of Cyprus in social entrepreneurship and social innovation. It was the first organisation in the country that has worked to promote the field of social entrepreneurship, organising in 2010 the first Conference on Social Entrepreneurship. Since then, it has organized numerous European Conferences, seminars, training workshops with the aim of raising public awareness of the field of social entrepreneurship and its potential for positive social change. It is the creator of Hub Nicosia, a co-working space and education center which houses and supports organizations, entrepreneurs and enterprises with a social mission, with a vision of becoming the first incubator for social enterprises in the country.

In 2017, SYNTHESIS developed the policy document on developing the social enterprise ecosystem in Cyprus on behalf of the European Commission and the Government of Cyprus.  The study has formed the basis of the National Action Plan which was adopted by the Council of Ministers in 2018.

SYNTHESIS also specialises in social entrepreneurship education and designs courses that enhance the employability skills of inactive or marginalised people. As an accredited VET (Vocational Education and Training) provider, it focuses on the development of training programmes that can enhance the employment of people who are at risk of social inclusion, including NEET youth, migrant, people with disabilities, or those who lesser opportunities.

For more information, check out the website (https://www.synthesis-center.org/) or contact via email at info@synthesis-center.com

In world surrounded with conflict, radicalisation, and exclusion of many forms, we are active in actions that improve individual lives, enhance social inclusion, build bridges, and inspire hope.

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