Every day, across Europe, people are making viable and practical on-the-ground solutions to solve local challenges in their communities. StartSocial is an open call to individuals and groups in public and private sectors doing this kind of work.

Because together, we can create a sustainable, inclusive and resilient futurewe all want to be a part of.

Every day, across Europe, people are creating viable and practical on-the-ground solutions to solve local challenges and create positive impact in their communities. StartSocial is a new programme, powered by INCO and supported by Google.org, with EN as an implementation partner, which  over the course of two years aims to accelerate, train and fund a total of 60-100 social entrepreneurs and 240-300 aspiring social entrepreneurs across Europe – to provide support, strengthen their impact and help them scale.

The program includes two distinct yet recurring tracks, suitable for:

Aspiring social entrepreneurs

The Aspire track is a social entrepreneurship online acceleration program for aspiring social entrepreneurs, which includes a series of training modules and workshops led by experts experienced in business development, digital skills and impact measurement. Over the course of 8 weeks, participants will improve their business and digital skills and strengthen their impact-driven capabilities. The Aspire track will launch, and is open for aspiring social entrepreneurs, in 6 countries: France, Germany, Slovenia, Poland, Spain and Italy.

Existing social entrepreneurs

The Grow track is an intensive social entrepreneurship online acceleration program, for existing social entrepreneurs, which includes training modules, workshops and personalised mentoring sessions led by international experts, experienced in organisational and business development, leadership, digital transformation, and impact measurement and management. The Grow track will launch two times, and will be open for applicants from all over Europe. 

For both tracks, the final participants will be selected by a jury, consisting of European experts in social entrepreneurship.

StartSocial is an exciting opportunity for aspiring social entrepreneurs and for those at the more advanced stage to increase their skills and development. To find out more about StartSocial, its different tracks and their launch date, check out the official website of StartSocial

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If you would like to learn more about the StartSocial project, please contact Christian Vietz.

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