Social Entrepreneurs in Denmark (SED) is a national association for people interested in social entrepreneurship, social innovation, social enterprise, co-production, and other solutions to welfare issues across the civil, public, and private sectors.

SED originally started as alumni for former students from the Master’s degree in Social Entrepreneurship at Roskilde University in May 2010. In 2012, the association was opened for everyone interested in promoting the field of social entrepreneurship. SED is nowadays a membership association; whereby social entrepreneurs of different scales can become members and partake in different activities and initiatives. The Association still works closely with institutional partners such as Universities.

SED is a networking forum where starting and well-established social entrepreneurs can find knowledge, get help and support, exchange experiences and ideas and mutually inspire each other.  SED works to create the optimal conditions for social entrepreneurs in terms of funding, education and sharing of knowledge.

SED is a source of news, research and events for members based in Denmark, and present models of Danish social enterprise to the rest of the world.

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