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Country: Germany

Social entrepreneurs develop new solutions for the pressing societal challenges of our time. However, they are often held back by existing structures and a lack of (political) awareness. The Social Entrepreneurship Network Germany (SEND) was founded in 2017 to give German social entrepreneurs a voice, more visibility and to build important bridges to politics, civil society and businesses. Thereby, SEND aims to improve the framework for social innovations.

With big challenges such as climate change, social injustice or lacking integration of refugees, we cannot stick to the status quo. We need to enable social entrepreneurs to unfold their potential to work on these challenges and to show a way forward to a more sustainable future.

With a constantly growing network of about 500 members we want to create a society, in which everyone benefits from progress! #Let’sActTogether

Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of SEND, Katrin Elsemann tells us more about her organisation’s mission and plans for the future this exclusive interview. 


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