Social enterprises in Europe are dedicated to solving societal challenges while running a sustainable business. Like other businesses, social enterprises create revenues, jobs and profits but their main objective is to create social value and transform lives for the better. They are working towards an inclusive and circular economy and a more cohesive society.

Euclid Network’s vision is for social enterprise to be the global standard rather than the exception. Together with our members, EN represents the interests of 100.000 social enterprises across Europe.

Euclid Network is internationally recognized as a key sectoral representative of social enterprise. EN has a policy presence at EU level, being a Member of various advisory groups such as the GECES and the Structural Dialogue Group, and at international level, being a Member of the UN Taskforce on Social and Solidarity Economy and WEF COVID Response Alliance for Social Entrepreneurs.

Committees we are part of

Our manifesto

Euclid Network (EN) is proud to present its 2020 Manifesto underlying the crucial role of social enterprises in the post-COVID-19 economy. The manifesto presents 15 concrete policy recommendations aimed at boosting social enterprises and their role in a green and just economic recovery across Europe.


Our position papers

If you would like to find out more about the European Union’s policy on social enterprise or comment on our position, please get in touch with

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