Our UK-Poland Peer Exchange focused on women’s rights. Participants met online and then spent two days working together in Warsaw.

The project aimed to support civil society organisations working for women’s rights and equality, giving them the opportunity to gain new ideas and links across borders.

This will strengthen their contribution to building a more equal society in both countries:

  1.  To increase the capacity of women’s CSOs in Poland and the UK to deliver change and strive for a more equal society
  2. To foster people-to-people ties between Polish and British women’s CSOs to stimulate further peer learning and future cooperation
  3. To showcase progress towards equality in Poland and the UK and celebrate the contribution of women’s CSOs

PeerEx UK/Poland was supported by the British Embassy in Poland and organised together with local partner Kongres Kobiet (Congress of Women).

Please contact Marta Bruschi for more information about our Peer Exchanges.

“Creating networks and links is crucial, and it helps with everything, from funding to creating opportunities for young women”


YWCA Scotland

“We really work at the grassroots level in Poland, but for us it’s very important to sustain international connections, and to be part of this international family of progressive grant makers. That’s why we are here.”


Feminist Fund, Poland

Read our article about the Warsaw meeting here:

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