As a member-driven organisation, Euclid Network thrives on welcoming new members and learning from a constant exchange of ideas, best practices and ongoing projects.

In welcoming new members, EN has found that introductory interviews are a great way to give a sneak peak on the work of the new members and allow the rest of the members, as well as friends of the Network, to get acquainted with the new change-makers joining us.

Have you met these members below? If not, be sure to check out their welcoming interview below:

EN Welcomes a New member – Yunus Social Business (YSB)

EN interviewed Lucie Durand, Director - Head of Unusual Partners at Yunus Social Business (YSB), to learn more about the organisation and what motivated YSB to join the Network. Lucie has 8 years of experience in initiating and implementing inclusive business projects, particularly on health-related issues (nutrition, access to safe water, access to vision) and [...]

EN Welcomes a New Member – NGO Center For Youth Education (NVO COE) Montenegro

To learn more about NVO COE, we spoke with Jugoslav Radovic, Executive Director of NVO COE and Jelena Rajkovic, Project Manager of the organisation.

EN Welcomes the Lithuanian Social Innovation Cluster (LSIC)

Social innovation is salient as it aims to develop and improve the welfare and wellbeing of individuals and communities. In order to improve the value of society today, social innovation needs to be stressed upon, which is why organisations such as the Lithuanian Social Innovation Cluster (LSIC) emerge. EN spoke with Dr. Vilma Popovienė, Co-Founder [...]

EN Welcomes a New Member – Meet ScaleChanger

In order to learn more about how we can support impact-driven organisations in their scaling ambition, we spoke with Isabelle Hoyaux founder of ScaleChanger, Laurence Souloumiac who is one of ScaleChanger’s Scale Up Advisors, specifically in charge of International Development, and Gloria Ba, Right-Hand Woman of the organisation.

EN Welcomes a New Member – Lithuanian Social Business Association

In order to discover more about the Lithuanian Social Business Association (LISVA) we spoke with Viktorija Braziunaite, CEO of LISVA. Viktorija has both political science and business education backgrounds. She has over 10 years of experience in managing international projects and is currently involved in the Lithuanian Social Business Community, most notably focusing on legal regulation, international cooperation and raising awareness.

Irish Third Sector Leader joins Euclid Network – Meet The Wheel

As of 2022, The Wheel celebrates 23 years of serving the Irish charities, community and voluntary organisations, and social enterprises. As the newest member of the Euclid Network, we were keen to learn about the work of The Wheel and its overall vision for the Irish nonprofit sector.

EN Strengthens Ties with a Hungarian Partner: Meet The Hungarian Coalition of Social Enterprises

After a year of collaboration in implementing the European Social Enterprise Monitor, we welcome The Hungarian Coalition of Social Enterprises as the newest member of Euclid Network.

EN welcomes a new member – Diaconia University of Applied Sciences

It is with pleasure that we announce a new edition to our network, the Diaconia University of Applied Sciences (DIAK). DIAK is the first EN member based in Finland. 

EN Welcomes another Impact Superhero, SENA

We were happy to sit down with the Managing Director of SENA Constanze Stockhammer to talk about the Austrian impact ecosystem, their national social enterprise network and plans for a (bright) future.

Creating Positive Impact in Ireland and Beyond

It is with great joy that we introduce one of our newest members: Social Enterprise Republic of Ireland (SERI). The CEO of SERI, Tammy Darcy gave us an overview of what SERI does, who they are and what they plan to do in the future.

EN membership grows in the Baltic region

EN is thrilled to announce its newest addition to the member board: Social Entrepreneurship Association of Latvia (SEAL).

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