Building on previous experience in research projects, we map out innovative ways to finance social welfare that promise lasting benefits for society.


About the programme

Through evidence-based research and tested best practices, InnoSI presents a case to policy-makers at local, national and international level for social investment in social welfare.

Here we conduct a policy review in order to map best practices in social investing across Europe. Specifically, the project is reviewing social investment policies in all 28 member states and undertaking detailed case studies in 10 member states.

As well as providing research expertise, we also manage the network of InnoSI Impact Partners across 10 countries in Europe. Employing innovative approaches, we support the Partners to develop a dialogue and mobilise knowledge generated through the project research and act as effective intermediaries between InnoSI research partners and policy-makers.

Contact Stephen Barnett or view the project page to find out more.

Autumn Event

Innovative social investment Debate

Date: Friday 13 October

Location: Louvain near Brussels

Join us as we bring together policy-makers, service managers and academics including Prof. Anton Hemerijck for our debate on how to make social rights a reality through social investment. We draw on 20 European case studies of social investment, user voice testimonies, econometrics and foresight.

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