EU3Leader aims to strengthen leadership and entrepreneurship capacities so that third sector organisations are better able to drive positive change.

Working with leaders, trainers and researchers across Europe, we are developing a framework and knowhow platform for entrepreneurial leadership in the third sector. The framework will include key competences for leaders in third sector. The platform will offer e-learning training programme resources based on the framework of competences.

Focusing on a range of competences such as entrepreneurialism, advocacy, social innovation and impact evaluation, EU3Leader is the first Europe-wide initiative for improving leadership in our sector.


Essential reading

“Regenerating Europe’s third sector: 13 competences our next generation of leaders will need and 7 reasons why”

July 2018

This document summarises our research of the third sector across Europe. It lists the seven challenges organisations are facing and sets out how entrepreneurial leadership can respond to these challenges by developing 13 key competences.

EU3Leader: Our research

“Entrepreneurial Leadership: A framework of competences for the future of Europe’s third sector” (August 2018)

This document explains how we developed the new framework and how it can be used. It also provides detailed descriptions of each competence, and behaviours (indicators) for the four levels for each one.

“Still Standing for Good: Opportunities and challenges for Europe’s third sector leaders” (September 2017)

This document gives an overview of challenges facing third sector leaders across Europe, based on a comprehensive literature review and findings of a survey among experts. Findings are presented both for Europe as a whole and for each EU28 country.

“Learning to Lead I: An overview of European qualification instruments”

This paper analyses the relevance of existing European tools for leadership qualifications and competences, with particular reference to the EntreComp.

“Learning to Lead II: Contemporary theories of entrepreneurship and leadership”

This paper presents a ‘State of the Art’ review on the literature on leadership, and leadership development, for the Third Sector.

“Learning to Lead III: The patchwork of leadership development for Europe’s third sector”

This paper reports on a survey of sector experts across Europe – broadly focusing on challenges and opportunities for third sector leaders, leadership development, and the existence of frameworks and qualifications.

News and events

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Project Fellows

To ensure that project outcomes are accessible and valuable for the sector, we’re working with a group of frontline leaders – EU3Leader fellows – from different countries throughout the project cycle.

Our capacity-building workshops aim at testing the transversal skills of leaders and gathering materials for the pilot training modules.

EntreComp: entrepreneurship skills

The EntreComp framework is a tool developed by the European Commission, and aims to be a reference tool for any initiative fostering entrepreneurial capacity of European citizens.

It offers a shared definition of entrepreneurship as a competence, aiming to establish a bridge between the worlds of education and work.

The EU3Leader project has used EntreComp as a starting point to understand and assess third sector leaders’ entrepreneurial competences.

Our capacity building workshops have followed the EntreComp framework’s logic and examine three main competence areas: Ideas and Opportunities; Resources; Into Action.

Find out more about EntreComp

Find out how EntreComp was used by EU3Leader and others

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