We ensure the success and sustainability of social enterprises by boosting their digital skills and competences.

About the project

Digital technologies are developing fast and offer tremendous opportunities to social enterprises across Europe. For this reason, EU3Digital will develop over the next years learning resources specific to the needs of European social enterprises to develop their digital competencies, advance their digital strategies, help them to engage with existing digital support, and software, and thereby build capacity. Being a pilot project, EU3Digital will create a framework of competencies for digital skills and provide an open-access knowledge center for current and future social enterprise professionals to navigate through e-learning materials and strategic tools to develop specific digital skills for a swift adaptation of digital technologies to ensure the success, impact, and sustainability of their organization.

Project Objectives

  • To create a framework of competences for European social enterprise leaders | Deliverable – EU Framework of competences for digital skills.
  • Gather and develop training materials for specific relevant digital skills and competences for social enterprises | Deliverable – Curricula design and assessment of training.
  • To build capacity for dynamic and swift adjustment of social enterprises to major societal changes, using digital tools & skills | Deliverable – Emergency Tool Kit for Third Sector Social Organisations & Social Enterprises.
  • Translate research findings into policy advice to the European Commission and other relevant stakeholders | Deliverable – Policy Paper | Digital Support for Social Impact: how digital competences can improve the action and impact of social enterprises.

Project lead

Consortium Partners

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If you would like to learn more about the EU3Digital Project, please contact Gerlinde Schmidt.

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