Over the last years, the European Commission has increasingly recognised the key role of social enterprises in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and as drivers towards a more sustainable and inclusive economy for people and the planet. For this reason, the European Commission has developed a great variety of funding programmes and financial instruments, to support the vital work of social enterprises and their support organisations across Europe and beyond. 

But Euclid Network (EN) Member Consultation and the European Social Enterprise Monitor 2020-2021 have made it clear that accessing and navigating through EU funding can be difficult for social enterprises and their support organisations. Therefore, supporting EN members, as well as the European social enterprise ecosystem, in accessing EU funding and updating them on new opportunities, is one of EN’s core activities to ensure their sustainability and lasting positive impact. 

EN supports its members network in accessing EU funding through several activities:

  • EU funding opportunities 
    EN shares relevant EU funding opportunities with members through our newsletter and organise, on a recurring basis, dedicated webinars focussing on specific EU funding calls that are relevant for members and their networks. During these webinars, EN team dives into the outline and workings of the call, invites EU funding experts to share their insights and create a space for networking among EN members. Moreover, EN developed an EU Funding Toolkit – a fundraising guide for social enterprise support organisations that provides insights into different EU and private funding opportunities that support social entrepreneurship as a key priority. 
  • Influencing EU funding programmes
    Through joint advocacy efforts at EU level, e.g. at the Expert group on social economy and social enterprises (GECES), EN influences EU funding programmes and makes sure the voices and funding needs of members and wider network are heard. 
  • Annual EU Project-Building workshop
    EN annual EU Project-Building workshop takes a deep dive into new EU funding programmes and enables participants to learn more about project development, to work on project application skills and project management skills. The one-day workshop offers a peek behind the scenes of the evaluation of EU project proposals and creates a space for participants to ask all funding related questions to experts from the European Commission and connect with changemakers across Europe. 
  • Consortium building
    EN creates meaningful connections, by facilitating consortium building between members and partners across Europe and beyond.
  • EU funding applications
    EN is leading on and writing EU funding applications and offers tailored support to members in writing of EU funding applications.

To create awareness of funding opportunities, EN has designed an interactive EU Funding Toolkit to support social enterprise support organisations and intermediaries in their formulation of fundraising strategies and their funding application processes. 

The Toolkit highlights relevant EU funding as well as non-EU public funding programmes; philanthropic and corporate fundraising opportunities; and provides you with tips and tricks on fundraising. 

Per European funding programme, the toolkit covers:

  • Management Mode
  • What it supports
  • Their changes under the new Multi-Annual Financial Framework 2021-2027
  • Who can participate
  • How it works
  • Funding tips & tricks
  • Examples of ongoing projects

Join the virtual EU Project-Building Workshop on the 10th of February 2022, to learn about EU funding & find partners for projects!

Are you interested in building new EU projects with other impact-driven organisations throughout Europe? EN team is thrilled to invite you for a full day on EU funding to:

  • Take a deep dive into the new EU funding programmes;
  • Ask all your funding related questions to experts from the European Commission;
  • Learn how to develop a project aligned with your strategy;
  • Work on EU project application skills;
  • Receive insights into how to manage EU projects;
  • Get a peek behind the scenes of the evaluation of EU project proposals.

Moreover, you will have the opportunity to meet and connect with like-minded changemakers to build European projects and collaborate in the future! You can access the full agenda of the workshop HERE.

Current calls for proposals

  • Objective of the Call: Support the establishment, development and professionalism of organizations that do or can assume the function of a social innovation.
  • Budget: EUR 5 million
  • Application Deadline: 16 November 2020
  • Objective of the Call: Put in place comprehensive strategies, mechanisms and services ensuring a holistic approach to support people in (the most) vulnerable situations
  • Budget: EUR 10 million
  • Application Deadline: 15 October 2020
  • Objective of the Call: Respond to the pressing need to confront the climate crisis and provide greater protection for the continent’s unique environment and biodiversity
  • Budget: Between EUR 3 to 5 million
  • Application Deadline: 26 January 2021
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