About us

Country: Portugal

Website: www.esliderportugal.pt

ESLIDER is the first Portuguese network of civil society and social enterprise leaders.

Established in 2011, its objective is to develop and nurture its network of 100 civil society leaders, to create shared value experiences, share knowledge and influence public policies.

Our work with EN

  • Participated in leadership network launch (London, November 2014)
  • Participated in leadership seminar (Barcelona, May 2015)
  • Partner in SEED7 Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs project
  • Ran a series of Social Entrepreneurship Bootcamps as part of SEED EUROMED project
  • Co-organised Gathering to Grow I (Lisbon, Jan 2017)
  • Participated in EU-project building workshop (Rotterdam, October 2017)
  • Project partner in SEEDplus Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

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