Euclid Network has recently added a brand new project to its current porfolio!

Together with our partners we have signed the Grant Agreement for the Erasmus+ Project “Enabling Social Entrepreneurs to Scale their Impact Internationally”, short ESESII.

For this project the consortium is formed out of five partners: – Synthesis (Cyprus), SIA (Austria), WU Vienna  (Austria), MateraHub (Italy), and Leipzig University (Germany), with whom we will work together during 2.5 years on the topic of internationalisation in the field of social entrepreneurship.

ESESII addresses the lacking awareness of many social entrepreneurs on what impact their business could have in a different location. Besides this, many social entrepreneurs often miss the needed soft skills and specialised knowhow to successfully introduce their business to a different country. ESESII seeks to address these challenges by developing a framework of skills and competences and in a second step a curriculum to train social entrepreneurs. Moreover, ESESII also engages with social enterprise support organisations and develops a set policy tools destined to social enterprise support organisations and national interest groups for national use.

Consortium partners

Contact Christian Vietz to find out more about ESESII.

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