At Euclid Network, our motto is to drive positive change together. In pursuing positive change, it is important to measure it against our initial goals and objectives. Annually, Euclid Network (EN) seeks to evaluate and measure its impact, both directly and indirectly, and highlight its achievements, through projects, new initiatives and partnerships, events and networking opportunities.

Measuring our impact is a topic of discussion within EN and a constant learning opportunity.

Learn more about EN past Annual Impact Reports here:

The Euclid Network Impact Report 2021-2022 is out now!

As a network we foster shared values. We are committed to positive impact, we are collaborative, entrepreneurial, inclusive and we act with integrity.

The Euclid Network Impact Report 2020-2021 is out now!

The challenges of 2020 fused us together, with collaborative social enterprise support organisations engaged like never before.

Download the Annual Impact Reports below:

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Would you like to find out more about Euclid Network’s activities and impact? Would you like to share with us your impact measurement methodology and best practices?

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