Increasing access to social finance for social enterprises

Social investment offers a significant opportunity to strengthen social impact organisations. As part of the EU’s Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) programme, we’re working to support the demand side of social finance, as a strategic partner of the European Commission (2018-21).

EaSI and social enterprise

The Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) programme provides EU money to promote sustainable employment, guarantee social protection, combat exclusion and poverty, and improve working conditions.

Euclid Network is among five Europe-wide networks selected to lead on the social enterprise strand of EaSI.

We’re responsible for supporting and strengthening the demand side of the social finance market across Europe — that is, the frontline organisations who could benefit from this investment (social enterprises) and their support structures (such as national federations, networks, accelerators and incubators).

We’re working closely with EVPA, who are responsible for the supply side (the providers of finance), and with three social sector organisations: ENSIE, RREUSE and CECOP.

Our workplan for 2019-2020

We see social investment as a significant opportunity to empower civil society organisations and social enterprises to drive positive change.

Social investment has both a financial and a capacity-building dimension. Investment-readiness is about being ready to receive, and repay, investment — but that also implies capacity to manage this as well as to deliver the impact promised to the investor. Our work on social investment will therefore consider this broad picture of capacity-building.

Benefits for our members:

  • A jargon-free guide to EU support for social enterprises
  • Interactive capacity-building webinars
  • A good practice kit on social enterprise initiatives for migrants
  • Online knowledge centre
  • And much more… stay tuned!

The EU and your social enterprise

What does the EU have to do with social enterprise? How are EU policies and programmes currently supporting social entrepreneurs — and how can individual entrepreneurs make the most of these opportunities? Watch the video above to hear experts and contributors from across Europe answering these questions.

EaSI Resources

The EU funding Toolkit

€276 out of the €460 billions of European funding available is not spent! This gigantic amount of money remains untouched, and the main reasons for this lie in the complex application rules and some lack of expertise at national level. 

Euclid Network has designed an EU funding toolkit to help you navigate your way through Brussels’s bureaucracy and channel some of these € in your direction and that of your beneficiaries.

The Knowledge Centre

Resources & Tools For The Social Enterprise Sector.

The EN Knowledge Centre cultivates and builds cutting-edge sector intelligence, enables peer-to-peer learning and showcases the most compelling and inspiring stories from all across Europe.

The Migrant In Business Pod

The Migrant In Business Pod is the migrant entrepreneurship podcast series where you will learn how to take the first steps as a migrant entrepreneur.

Migrants represent an important pool of potential entrepreneurs, but can face specific legal, cultural and network obstacles. What additional barriers do migrants encounter when they start their business? How to access finance? And how can support organizations help migrants with these first steps to become an entrepreneur? This and more is covered in this brand new podcast series.

Want to learn more about migrant entrepreneurs and support organizations? Visit There you will find a couple of links to useful websites.

This podcast series is powered by Euclid Network, the European Network for Social Enterprises and Impact-Driven Leaders

For more information about the EU Programme For Employment And Social Innovation (EaSI) contact

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