We are a grass roots association founded in 2020, whose mission is the true and inclusive representation and development of all social enterprises in Hungary. Our main goals are 1) to create an environment that enables the launching, financing and growth of social enterprises, and 2) to draw up, promote and implement a strategy that supports a predictable operating environment. We wish to strengthen the awareness and recognition of social enterprises in the Hungarian enterprise sector, as well as among organisations that work for social and community impact. The Coalition wishes to fill the void by creating an organisation that can represent the interests of the diverse Hungarian social enterprise community. In the two years since its foundation, the Coalition has become an active partner of national level policy makers focusing on the recognition of social enterprises and their inclusion in government support programmes and enterprise development facilities. A key action area is a social enterprise certification system, which could ensure the public recognition of social enterprises and allow them better access to private and public sector markets.

Our aim is to create a diverse and inclusive coalition for a broad range of enterprises with a social mission, based on common values and objectives. We welcome organisations, companies and individuals that wish to contribute to the development of social enterprises and to the creation of further financing and growth opportunities for them. The Coalition of Hungarian Social Enterprises currently has 20 members from diverse fields of activity and social missions. Growing the membership base continues to be a key objective of the young organisation.

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