We empower civil society organisations and social enterprises by organising leadership exchanges across and beyond Europe.

About PeerEx

Our extensive work in peer-to-peer exchanges, including through Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs  and SEED EURO-MED, has strengthened our capacity to create productive, lasting partnerships between civil society organisations and social enterprises across Europe.

Our Peer Exchange programme contributes to strengthening democracy by empowering civil society organisations through peer learning and exchanges with counterparts from across Europe.

Our objectives are:

  • To improve the skills of civil society and social enterprise leaders and professionals
  • To establish or strengthen transnational ties between CSOs and social enterprises
  • To foster alliances between larger and smaller CSOs and social enterprises

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“This type of programme contributes to a stronger civil society sector. It helps its growth, development and sustainability. A strong civil society is essential for democracies.”

Charles Garret, former British Ambassador to Republic of Macedonia

“We were lucky to see and experience how social enterprises work here in Scotland. When we learnt about the training initiatives for community social enterprises, that was a lightbulb moment for us.” 

Laszlo Nemeth & Marietta Gargya, Szoszov, Association of Social Cooperatives, Hungary

“Through exposure to our peer’s experience, we have already seen an improvement in the overall quality of our services.”

Frosina Simonovska, Poraka Nasa, Kumanovo, Republic of Macedonia

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