In the current economic system, many businesses push their products and services with little to no regard for the multitude of societal challenges we are facing today. These challenges can include economic exclusion, gender inequalities, poverty, or environmental concerns to name a few. Now that we are more aware of what needs to be done, we can propose solutions – like #BuySocial.

Consumers Can Choose

Now more than ever, we as consumers are realizing that we can help make advancements towards a fairer, more inclusive, and greener world economy simply by exercising our choice! We have the power to choose which company to support and which not to. By exercising our choice, we can make a powerful collective statement and stand for the types of businesses we wish to see flourish in the economy of tomorrow.

Advancing the Economy of the Future

At Euclid Network, we believe business should ALWAYS take into consideration the impact of their goods and services on people and the environment, or in other words, they should be social enterprises. Social enterprises are organisations which focus their interventions on maximizing their social impact to improve society rather than profits.

To achieve a better world, we must choose to support the social and solidarity economy and the many social enterprises around the world that work every day to create positive impact and change the status quo. This is what our #BuyingSocial campaign is all about.


#BuySocial is an opportunity for an individual, company, or other entity to show the values they stand for. Simply by purchasing from those social enterprises that share their same values.

With our #BuySocial campaign, we want to inform and encourage all stakeholders to actively seek out and patronage social enterprises – thereby taking a proactive stand for a better world.

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#BuySocial means:

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