About us

Country: Italy

Adelante Dolmen is a company in the form of a social cooperative, i.e. one that has no profit motive, but a social mission. Adelante Dolmen produces services for the IT sector, in the field of business services, so office and clerical activities, and promotes employment and inclusion for disadvantaged population groups. Today it has over 80 worker members, of which 70% are people with disabilities.

Our work with EN

  • Participated in Euclid Summit (Zagreb, February 2016)
  • Participated to Gathering to Grow I (Lisbon, January 2017)
  • Joined the SEED Euro-Med Bootcamp in Morocco (Marrakech, February 2017)
  • Participated in European Parliament event, Gathering to Grow II (Brussels, March 2017)
  • Participated in EU project building workshop (Rotterdam, October 2017)
  • Delivered masterclass on achieving profit with purpose at the Euclid Summit (The Hague, April 2018)
  • Associate project partner in EU3Leader on developing entrepreneurial leadership for the third sector

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