Formerly known as Sklad 05 (Fund 05), the organisation worked with non-governmental organisations since 2012 to ensure citizens could dedicate part of their income tax for beneficial public purposes. In the year that followed Fund 05’s projects and programs focused on financial support to social entrepreneurship and social innovation. By 2022, Fund 05 has gathered more than 2,0 million EUR in programming, bringing together more than 300 donors and impact investors. Simultaneously, Fund 05 also further developed partnerships across European networks, such as FEBEA, EVPA, Euclid Network, Transnational Giving Europe TGE, Giving Tuesday,etc.

The COVID-19 pandemic prompted Fund 05 to shift their focus towards more coherent and structural tools needed to tackle complex society challenges. Fund2740 High Impact Foundation was created to enable and support non-government organisations to generate “large or powerful effect” across their commercial activities. Fund2740 began to develop tools for impact design as a methodological process intended to achieve a high effect for different products, services and industries.

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