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European Social Innovation Competition

Launch Webinar I – ‘Beyond traditional skills: boosting creativity and leadership for a systemic social change’, with Daniela Papi-Thornton

Join us on April 14th, at 16:00 CEST.

This webinar will kick-off the 2021 European Social Innovation Competition’s Launch Webinars series, providing a fresh perspective on skills to the audience. Attendees will get insights into non-traditional skills – ie. competencies that go beyond traditional cognitive skills (e.g. creative, relational, systems thinking skills, etc.) – and new mindsets for a new idea of economy and society. Webinar I seeks to convey to the participants the importance of integrating and fostering non-traditional skills and mindsets when designing and developing innovative training solutions. The audience will understand how such competencies are more and more important to cope with complexity and foster resilience in a time of fast-changing educational needs. 

During her presentation, Daniela will offer an insightful overview of the new skills and mindsets required by the market and contemporary society for innovators and social entrepreneurs who want to generate positive change with their business ideas.

Link to the recording will be available soon. 

European Social Innovation Competition

Launch Webinar II – North-South perspectives on sustaining the green transition in Europe, with Nadia Lambiase from Circular Market and Søren Hermansen from Energi Akademiet 

Join us on April 21, at 15:00 CEST

In Webinar II the audience will be presented with two organisations and the ideas behind them – one based in southern Europe (Circular Market, from Italy), the other in northern Europe (Energy Academy, from Denmark).

Nadia Lambiase, CEO of Mercato Circolare (Circular Market) will outline the startup she founded in 2018. Nadia will focus on the innovative practices she and her team developed to foster circular economy skills among adult learners; digital solutions developed to enable collaborations and business exchanges within the Italian circular economy market.

Søren Hermansen is the director of Samsø Energy Academy – a project-based organisation providing education and research, and consultancy services to companies – including courses, meetings, seminars, and exhibitions – about energy, climate change, and sustainable resources. Søren will show how his organisation is committed in fostering zero-waste and carbon-neutral communities.

This webinar will highlight how green skills development, delivered both at the individual business and at the broader community level, contributes to wider systemic change.

Register for the webinar HERE.

March edition of the ‘Driving Positive Change’ webinar series.

Join us on March 30th, 14:00-15:00 CET to discuss the topic of Women Entrepreneurship!

The  Driving Positive Change members-only series aims to bring together challenges and good practices from the social impact community and is for EN members only. This webinar series is dedicated to our members and the particular challenges they are facing. But it’s not just about challenges, it will be an opportunity for our community to share best practices, successes, and ways to support one another.

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