Welcome to Euclid Network! 

EN, the European Social Enterprise Network, is an European umbrella organisation and network for intermediary organisations that support social entrepreneurs and impact-driven leaders. Our 51 members are based in 27 countries and active in 62 countries and represent over 100.000 organisations throughout Europe and beyond.

EN membership is diverse and composed of social enterprise federations (national association and networks), universities and training institutes, social investors, frontline NGOs, and social enterprises.

Together with our members and partners, we aim to, collectively achieve, the following: 

  1.     Create meaningful connections across Europe
  2.     Collect data and coordinate research
  3.     Organise peer exchanges and provide training
  4.     Design, manage and implement projects
  5.     Support in access to financing
  6.     Influence international policy making
  7.     Influence and improve access to markets
  8.     Communicate and disseminate through i.a. online and offline activities

EN’s daily activities and year-long actions is guided by our Theory of Change (TOC). Check out our Theory of Change below.

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