As the Turkey Social Entrepreneurship Network (TSEN), we aim to popularize social entrepreneurship as a sustainable alternative solution to social and environmental problems and to increase the awareness of social entrepreneurship in Turkey. Besides, we work hard to meet the needs of social entrepreneurs for information, connection, and visibility.

The network started as a project with the help of the funds allocated by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey under the Partnerships and Networks Grant Program from October 2018 to October 2020. TSEN Project was conducted by a consortium led by Vehbi Koç Foundation (VKV) and run by Koç University Social Impact Forum (KUSIF), Ashoka Turkey, Social Innovation Initiative Association (ImpactHub İstanbul), Association for Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Development (Mikado Consulting), TED University (İstasyon TEDÜ), Mozaik Foundation (Bosnia Herzegovina), and Social Enterprise UK (UK). The project continues with the fiscal sponsorship of VKV, the voluntary contributions of the founding partners, and works with the strategy of expanding the network to new stakeholders around Turkey.

Within the scope of the Project, 1) ecosystem research (Social Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Situation Analysis in Turkey), 2) legal framework research, and advocacy activities were carried out (Legal Status of Social Entrepreneurship in Turkey: Needs and Recommendations). 3) Social entrepreneurship training was given, 4) networking events were organized (#TSEN Open Stage, #TSEN Thursday Meetings). 5) A digital platform ( was established, which is a reliable source of information in the field of social entrepreneurship and brings together all the actors in the ecosystem.

Turkey Social Entrepreneurship Network continues its activities. In the upcoming period, it is aimed to repeat the ecosystem research regularly, to create a system that will ensure continuous training in social entrepreneurship, to organize networking events, while expanding and strengthening the structure of the network.

Turkey Social Entrepreneurship Network; adopts the principle of being an inclusive, unifying, participatory, flexible, dynamic, accountable, and innovative network that prefers solidarity over the competition and where labor is seen.

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