Pedro Eikelenboom

Pedro Eikelenboom joined the Euclid Network early 2023, bringing 15+ years of experience in private sector development and public (-private) partnerships. The recurring theme in his career is [...]

Zohar Ianovici

Zohar joined the EN team in December 2022 on a part time basis to support the closing of two ERASMUS+ projects: ESESSI and EYE. Prior to joining EN Zohar worked as an economist at the World Bank [...]

Wouter Bakker

Wouter Bakker joined Euclid Network in 2023, bringing over a decade of experience as an impact agent. Before EN Wouter was CEO of social enterprise GoodUp, worked as a sustainable energy [...]

Inês de Barros Macieira

With a background in Communication and International Relations, she is passionate about the role communication plays in empowering the international community’s marginalized voices and groups. [...]

Caterina Tognoni

Before joining Euclid Network in September 2022, Caterina worked as a Communication and Event Logistics Trainee for the State of the Union Conference at the European University Institute. Here [...]

Helen Maynard Hill

Helen joins the EN team after working for many years as a consultant in the Not for Profit and social enterprise spheres. For most of her working life Helen has had one foot in both the not for [...]

Marcela Neves

Marcela joined Euclid Network in February 2022 as Project Officer and is working on establishing a membership framework and follow-up process to build closer relations with EaSI members and [...]

Tiffany Bennett

With a background in business and international development, Tiffany is passionate about the intersection of these disciplines and the potential for social enterprises to create scalable, [...]

Gerlinde Schmidt

Gerlinde is responsible for the implementation of some of EN’s projects under Erasmus+ and ESF+, supports the implementation of Social Tides powered by INCO with the support of, and [...]

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