Pedro Eikelenboom

Pedro Eikelenboom joined the Euclid Network early 2023, bringing 15+ years of experience in private sector development and public (-private) partnerships. The recurring theme in his career is [...]

Inês de Barros Macieira

With a background in Communication and International Relations, she is passionate about the role communication plays in empowering the international community’s marginalized voices and groups. [...]

Caterina Tognoni

Before joining Euclid Network in September 2022, Caterina worked as a Communication and Event Logistics Trainee for the State of the Union Conference at the European University Institute. Here [...]

Helen Maynard Hill

Helen joins the EN team after working for many years as a consultant in the Not for Profit and social enterprise spheres. For most of her working life Helen has had one foot in both the not for [...]

Tiffany Bennett

With a background in business and international development, Tiffany is passionate about the intersection of these disciplines and the potential for social enterprises to create scalable, [...]

Gerlinde Schmidt

Gerlinde is responsible for the implementation of some of EN’s projects under Erasmus+ and ESF+, supports the implementation of Social Tides powered by INCO with the support of, and [...]

Christian Vietz

From early in his career Christian sought for ways to use the mindsets, models, and tools of entrepreneurship to create impact. His MBA gave him the opportunity to research bottom up social [...]