Ariel Slaughter

A natural storyteller and aficionado of the written word, Ariel joined Euclid Network in February 2020 as a Communications and Events Trainee. She has a dual Bachelor of Arts in Communications [...]

Bryan Singa-Boyenge

After having lived in Belgium, France, Congo and Italy, Bryan studied Communications and Politics in Brussels. He completed his Master with an internship at the Belgian Embassy in Washington DC [...]

Elina Suleimanova

Driven by aspiration to raise awareness about the problems world faces today and contribute to their solutions, Elina joined Euclid Network in April 2020 as a Communication and Events trainee. [...]

Primož Šporar

Primož Šporar has over 20 years of experience in the NGO sector, social economy, impact investment, social entrepreneurship and social innovation. He is holding LLM in Law and is acting as a CEO [...]

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