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Euclid Network (EN) – the European Social Enterprise Network – greets the proposed Directive of the European Commission on Establishing a new European status for Cross Border Associations (ECBAs) with great enthusiasm. The social economy contains a myriad of organisations, including social enterprises, of whom many are registered as associations and who may be operating across borders. EN is a network of networks, bringing together organisations who support social enterprises across Europe, driving forward positive change towards an economy that works for people and the planet. Many of the organisations in our network are registered associations and EN itself is a non-profit association operating and engaged in projects across multiple countries. EN is therefore strongly aware of the pertinence of this Directive for addressing the real challenges that associations operating cross-border face and therefore warmly welcomes the strong collaboration between the European Commission and Parliament which has led to this proposed Directive. 

Several key elements that EN in particular notes as significant for organisations that adopt this new ECBA status are: 

  1. The unlocking of the benefits of the Single Market for the non-profit sector and introduction of a single point of registration 
  2. The ability and ease for the transfer of seat/head office of an association 
  3. The increased possibility and facilitation of cross-border donations 
  4. The protection and expansion of the freedom of association for all those living in the EU
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