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Across the world this year, almost half of the world’s population will go to the polls which understandably has led to 2024 being labelled a crucial year for global democracy. While some elections may be receiving more attention than others, in the European Union (EU) 2024 is the year where citizens have the chance to have their voice heard by policy makers in Brussels and Strasbourg. 

This year the future of Europe is on the ballot and for social enterprises, more is at stake than ever. With recent progress in policy and funding frameworks from the EU and several Member States, coupled with a strong emphasis on the need to consider social and environmental impact, a strong momentum can be felt across the social economy and social enterprise ecosystem. The European Parliament and Commission from 2024-2029 must continue living up to the ambitions and targets set in the past five year mandate which are attainable if the right attention and resources are committed to this agenda.

Since 2019, the EU has seen a number of key policy and funding developments that have been crucial for the social economy. These include most notably the European Green Deal, the Social Economy Action Plan, Transition Pathway and Council Recommendation amongst others. Of course, beyond Europe the world has changed fundamentally with a global pandemic, war on the European continent and increasing tensions around the world.

The next mandate for the European Parliament and Commission will take us within touching distance of 2030 – the big year that marks the end of so many critical deadlines. Despite the changing context that social enterprises operate in and the numerous challenges facing policy makers, it is essential that the progress made on achieving social and environmental targets continues to be made regardless of the changing geo-political context. 

Maintaining the momentum that has been achieved and delivering on already established frameworks and targets will not be enough. More action is needed in the next five years, building upon the work that has already been undertaken and that puts considerations for social and environmental impact at the heart of decision making. 

For this reason, Euclid Network is proud to be a member of the coalition supporting the Business for a Better Tomorrow manifesto. This manifesto contains five key action areas for continued and expanded action in the next Parliament and Commission that will help existing social enterprises as well as encouraging the transformation of existing enterprises to those who can contribute to an economy that puts people and planet first. 

The five key action areas are the following:

  1. Ensuring the ambitious implementation of the Green Deal 
  2. Promoting the recognition and visibility of companies committed to the environmental and social transition 
  3. Promoting businesses that actively contribute to the common good: fostering the development of purpose-driven companies in Europe
  4. Encouraging the transformation of business models: favouring the emergence and development of green and social enterprises
  5. Making social enterprises pillars of tomorrow’s economy 

Four Calls to Action

Firstly, if you are a like minded social economy or social enterprise network or stakeholder, add your endorsement to the manifesto. Let us know your support by clicking here.

Secondly, make sure your candidates for the European Parliament know about the manifesto and what our ecosystem needs from the next Parliamentary mandate. Find more information about the election and those standing in your country here

Thirdly, make your MEP aware of the Social Economy Intergroup and its successful work with stakeholders across Europe in the past years.

Last but not least, it is essential that European citizens, and particularly young people, from across the continent vote between the 6th-9th June to have their voice heard and help to secure a continued mandate from the EU to support social enterprises, transforming the European economic model into one that works for both people and the planet.

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