Thank you for joining us at Scaling Social Impact in Europe 2023!

Last week we hosted Scaling Social Impact in Europe! Participants gathered in The Hague for a half-day event marking the end of two Erasmus+ funded projects, namely EU3Digital and ESESII.

The focus of Workshops 1 and 2 was on how to support social enterprises in scaling up their businesses internationally or through their digital transformation. Experienced speakers and trainers coming from Germany, The UK, Spain, Croatia, Cyprus and Australia engaged with two diverse groups of attendees sharing not only their experience and best practices in supporting social entrepreneurs but also addressing the needs of their audience individually and on an organisational level. Interactive group work and open discussion fostered collaboration and knowledge sharing among attendees.

Workshop 3 brought on stage different actors from the Dutch social impact ecosystem, including representatives from the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship in Rotterdam, ImpactCity and Stichting Studeren & Werken op Maat in The Hague but also EU3Digital and ESESII partners, sharing their experience in empowering, supporting and equipping social entrepreneurs with the right skills and tools needed to scale up.

At the end of the day, guests had the opportunity to learn from each other, connect and network. The main take away from this event is that most social entrepreneurs have a need for networks, to know how to take the next step and also be inspired.

Read our participants main takeaways below:

Contacts, learnings and desire for new projects.

New experiences, new people from the same sector, new visions and perspectives.

Nice ideas and inspiration for developing programs and masterclasses.

The validation that the framework developed in EU3Digital reflects the needs of social organisations.

I really learned a lot from the digital toolkit.

There are useful and research based toolkits that we should share with our network of entrepreneurs.

New personality approach to tailoring support for internationalisation.

Networking is important when scaling internationally.

Insights on skills needed for internationalization and digitalization.

I walked away with a better understanding of the impact ecosystem and who some of the actors are.

The variety of practical ways to enact DigComp, GreenComp, EntreComp frameworks.

Sensibilisation for social innovation.

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