Dear EN members, partners and readers,

In light of the terrible earthquake in Turkey and Syria, we wanted to demonstrate our support by informing you of the different organisations looking for help. We have been reliably informed by Yekpare who co-lead the Turkish Social Enterprise network along with Koç University Social Impact Forum and Istasyon TED University of the following organisations who are working on the search and rescue effort as well as emergency relief:

AFAD is Turkey’s official Disaster and Emergency Management Organization
Turkish Philanthropy Funds Earthquake Relief Fund
AHBAP Platform – voluntary network working for disaster emergency
AKUT – voluntary search, assist and rescue organization
Mozaik Foundation – Emergency Relief Fund to support organizations in the field
Hayata Destek / Support to Life – Turkish independent humanitarian organization & social enterprise especially working for emergency assistance and refugee support

Independent media sources:
Teyit – fact-checking organization & social enterprise
Fayn – social-impact oriented studio & they broadcast in Arabic, English and Turkish.

We are aware that crisis such as this require longer term support and planning, but wanted to disseminate to you, our network what we can do in the here and now to go some way to try to help.

Our thoughts are with everyone in those regions as well as across Syria affected and hope that help reaches them soon.

Our very best wishes.
Wouter Bakker.



Featured image by Mohammed Al-Rifai/AFP

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