We are inviting submissions to tender CRM implementation support to Euclid Network (EN) in the setup/establishment of its new relationship management and engagement tracking platform hosted in Salesforce. Please submit your PDF proposal here by 22 July 2022, 23:59 CEST.

Introduction to Euclid Network (EN)

Euclid Network (EN), the European Social Enterprise Network – is a European umbrella organisation and network for intermediary organisations that support social entrepreneurs and impact-driven leaders. Our 40+ members are based in 24 countries and active in 47 countries and represent over 100.000 organisations throughout Europe and beyond.

EN enhances the field of social entrepreneurship and social finance through knowledge exchange, research, capacity building, networking, influencing policy change, raising awareness, international advocacy and impact-driven programming and partnership building.

EN’s team comprises a total of 14 people, including managers, thematic project officers and communications officers. The team is likely to grow in coming months.


CRM Implementation & Support

As EN continues to grow in membership and in team members, it is time to transition into an automated and centralised CRM system capable of grouping, filtering, and analysing information on demand, and producing automated reports to better track and monitor our impact.

The objective of this transition is to make better use of our staff time in strategic initiatives, seeking to drive positive change across Europe and neighbouring countries in addition to establishing faster reaction times and increasing efficiency for existing initiatives.

How to Respond

Please submit your PDF proposal here by 22 July 2022, 23:59 CEST.

Euclid Network reserves the right to disregard any response submitted after the deadline. Your proposal should be no more than five pages and should include:

    • Your proposal – including your understanding of the task and working methods
    • A short portfolio of relevant experience
    • Your company profile or CV
    • Financial proposal

Please direct any questions regarding the tender to Helen Maynard-Hill, Head of Communications and Events, and Marcela Neves, Community Engagement Office,

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