23 may, 2022 – The EU3Digital consortium is happy to release a hands-on toolkit to support Social Enterprises and Third Sector Social Organisations with going digital. The free-access Toolkit offers impact practitioners learning resources to increase organisations’ digital competencies, advance digital strategies, help to engage with existing digital support and thereby build capacity.

Digital technologies are developing fast and offer tremendous opportunities to social enterprises across Europe. Digital tools can help organisations streamline their operations, scale up and grow their impact. 

In a landscape of ever-changing digital opportunities, it is pertinent organisations are able to choose the right tools and harmonise their functioning. For this reason, a consortium of international partners has developed an interactive Toolkit for Digital Skills to support impact practitioners in their digital transition. 

The Toolkit provides users with a hands-on guide to open access tools, resources, and services that can enable them to adapt dynamically and swiftly to societal changes. Whether organisations want to learn more about basic processes of going digital or they want to find free or low-cost digital tools, the Toolkit outlines the best options out there. 

Impact-driven organisations often face specific barriers to fulfil their mission. The Toolkit was developed to address the needs of social entrepreneurs and third sector organisations, outlining resources to boost their digital competencies, increase efficiency and their capacity to innovate. 

The Toolkit for Digital Skills was developed in the scope of EU3Digital, a project funded by Erasmus+. The project aims to ensure the success and sustainability of social enterprises by producing key learning materials and free-access resources. 

The project delivers diverse outputs, ranging from establishing an EU Framework of Competences for Digital Skills, responding to the needs of social enterprises by developing a tailored curricula and toolkit, to informing initiatives for developing digital skills and competences in Europe’s social economy ecosystem.

The outputs are produced by the project consortium partners including international social enterprise support organisations and research institutions. The consortium is led by ESLIDER and consists of The Open University, ABD, University of Porto, D Kolektiv and Euclid Network.  

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If you have any questions or would like to get involved with the EU3Digital project, do not hesitate to reach out!

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