March 8, 2022 — On the International Women’s Day, Euclid Network (EN) reveals the anticipated Top 100 Women in Social Enterprise 2022 List featuring women leaders in social entrepreneurship and innovation.

EN’s second annual list honours women trailblazers who are helping to shape the European social enterprise ecosystem and leading it into the mainstream. The list is based on more than 500 answers from an open nomination call and an assessment by our esteemed jury, as part of the Top 100 Women in Social Enterprise Initiative.

The featured women stood out as having implemented creative and sustainable solutions to create significant positive social and/or environmental impact. They demonstrated outstanding leadership skills and commitment by going beyond their role and inspiring others to channel their potential.

The recognition is not a ranking but rather a list of those who have shone for their innovative approaches and the scape of impact created. Explore the Top 100 Women in Social Enterprise List below, get inspired by innovative solutions and join us in celebrating the achievements of women trailblazers. 

Top 100 Women In Social Enterprise 2022

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AllSocial InnovatorSocial EntrepreneurCountry
SwitzerlandNorwayPolandRomaniaSpainSwedenThe NetherlandsTurkeyPortugalMayotteBosnia and HerzegovinaBelgiumSlovakiaLithuaniaCroatiaSerbiaUkraineUKLuxemburgLatviaItalyIrelandHungaryGreeceGermanyFranceFinlandEstoniaDenmarkCzech RepublicBulgariaAustriaArmenia

Aisling Kirwan

Occupation: Co-Founder of Positive Carbon


Revolutionary entrepreneur using AI to reduce the impact of food waste

Alba Padró

Occupation: Co-Founder of LactApp


At women's side since the beginning of their new journey

Alessandra Alonso

Occupation: Founder of WOMEN IN TRAVEL CIC


Trailblazing transforming the role of women in travel and tourism industry

Alexandra Machado

Occupation: Founder & CEO of Girl MOVE Academy * Ashoka Fellow


Strong believer of leadership as an act of love

Alison Turner

Occupation: Founder & CEO of Devon and Cornwall Furniture Reuse Project


Trailblazer in the fight for gender equality

Ana Janošev

Occupation: Managing Director of Social Impact Award


Innovative leader dedicated to empowering youth to make a difference

Ancuta Vamesu

Occupation: Founder & CEO Laboratorul de Solidaritate


Experienced leader with a significant portfolio in the civic & social sector

Angela Achitei

Occupation: Founder & CEO of UtilDeco, JobDirect and WISE travel


Strategic leader in social economy

Anja Hirschfelder

Occupation: Managing Director of Impact Hub Leipzig


Transforming collaborative action into a sustainable future

Anna Duszczynska

Occupation: Founder of A.D. new world

The Netherlands

Leading social brands to become the champions of a purposeful world

Anna Juusela 

Occupation: Founder & CEO of We Encourage


Visionary entrepreneur determined to empower women and prevent domestic abuse

Anna Lindh

Occupation: Founder & Operations Manager at Right To Play Sverige


Change leader creating a better world for children and young people.

Anne-Laure Fayard

Occupation: ERA Chair Professor in Social Innovation


Experienced academic focused on design thinking and social impact

Aoise Keogan Nooshabadi

Occupation: Co-founder of Supply Change


Creator of more inclusive, diverse supply chains that generate positive impact

Arancha Martinez

Occupation: Founder & President of and the Common Good Chain


Speaker and dreamer for a world with no poverty

Athina Fragkouli – Sakellaropoulou

Occupation: President of the Executive Committee of the SSP P. Sakellaropoulos


Pioneer of innovative models of mental health services

Betina da Silva Lopes

Occupation: Coordinator for Impact at Cartas com Ciência


Learning and (re)constructing knowledge each day.

Bianca Pouw

Occupation: Founder & CEO of Bijenhotelkopen, Impact-Spots, Impact-Ladies

The Netherlands

Passionate entrepreneur creating social initiatives to boost biodiversity and circulair economy

Britta Schaffmeister

Occupation: CEO of Dutch Marine Energy Centre

The Netherlands

Innovative entrepreneur specialised in strategy and organisational development

Camila Rodrigues

Occupation: CEO & Founder of Mulheres à Obra (Women at Work)


Inspired social entrepreneur with political science research

Collette Nabyonga

Occupation: Co-Founder of TechInclusionUK


Making digital inclusion happen in the education sector, while championing data privacy

Cynthia Reynolds

Occupation: Founder & CEO of Circular Regions


Driven professional in the reign of circular economy

Dita Formánková

Occupation: Founder & Chairwoman Czechitas | Director, Diversity & Inclusion and Communities Avast

Czech Republic

Inspiring women to take on technological and entrepreneurial challenges

Djémilah HASSANI

Occupation: International Strategy Expert for Social Economy


Dedicated professional building partnership for the goals

Dorte Boddum Kronborg

Occupation: Director of Huset Venture Nordjylland


Social entrepreneur focused on job creation and business development

Ebru Metin

Occupation: Founder and CEO of Legal Design Turkey


Trailblazer for human-centered design in the legal field

Edel Lawlor

Occupation: Founder & Director of ExpressivePlay


Psychotherapist helping children of all ages to overcome difficulties

Eleanor Howie

Occupation: Founder &CEO of Valiant Lingerie


Inspiring entrepreneur turning experience into community-wide positive impact

Elissa Glorie

Occupation: Founder of Moja

The Netherlands

Marketing and impact strategy is her jam

Ellen Oetelmans

Occupation: Program Manager at Amsterdam Impact

The Netherlands

Leader dedicated to positive impact and ecosystem building

Eri Pavlaki

Occupation: Founder of Women Do Business


Creative leader helping other women to fulfil their dreams as entrepreneurs

Evoléna de Wilde d’Estmael

Occupation: Co-founder & Managing Director at Faircado & Solidarsty


Climate & women empowerment activist and entrepreneur

Fenella Chambers

Occupation: Senior Associate of Hogan Lovells International LLP


Supporting social enterprises through sustainable growth

Filipa Pinto Coelho

Occupation: President of VilacomVida & CEO of Café Joyeux


Seeker of talent among diversity

Gina Cicerone

Occupation: CEO of the Fair Education Alliance


Leading a movement to make education fair for all

Giulia Faleri

Occupation: Co-Founder and CEO of Vezua


Transforming trade into an act to create social and environmental value

Gizem Kendik Önduygu

Occupation: Chief Marketing and Impact Officer at Toyi


Leading the way into a sustainable and playful planet

Gulnara Shahinian

Occupation: Founder & Chair of Democracy Today & Fiorment UN Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of slavery


Expert on counter-trafficking, anti-slavery and forced labour

Hannah Lux

Occupation: Co-Founder of Vollpension


Social Entrepreneur and Bridge Builder

Hülya Aras

Occupation: Co-Founder & CEO of Simbiyoz Aktivite


Guiding disadvantaged groups toward economic independence through entrepreneurship

Iffat Rose Gill

Occupation: Founder & CEO of The Code to Change

The Netherlands

Leader-activist promoting economic empowerment of women through digital inclusion

Inês Franco Alexandre

Occupation: Talent Activator Manager at GirlMOVE Academy and Movimento Transformers


Activist and entrepreneur passionate about social impact

Ingun Bol de Bock

Occupation: Founder & President Female Wave of Change

The Netherlands

A connector, a community builder, a mentor and social entrepreneur

Isobelle Ford

Occupation: Co-Founder and Director of Anqa Collective and Skylight Ventures


Social innovator supporting refugee entrepreneurs in developing their businesses

Jennifer Busch

Occupation: Founder and CEO at CLIMB


A leader in the elementary academic sector.

Joanna Verney

Occupation: Founder & CEO of Umbrella Café CIC


A problem solver within social entrepreneurship

Joey Li

Occupation: Founder & CEO of Leiho


Ethical trendsetter for the shopping business

Juliet Cornford

Occupation: Senior Consultant at the British Council


Expert on development of social enterprise and social investment

Katerina Chantzi

Occupation: Founder and CEO of BinFree/Cleantech Estonia


Contributes to the raising and empowering of women entrepreneurs

Katharina Mayer

Occupation: Founder & CEO of Kuchentratsch GmbH


Living the spirit of intergenerational work

Kelly Keodara

Occupation: Founder of Bloom ry


Advocate of empowerment through education and communication

Kelly Robin

Occupation: Project and Development Director of PULSE


Pioneer for social impact and partnerships in France

Larissa Gleich

Occupation: Founder & CEO of LG - Beratung & Organisation


Startup and Business Consultant helping ideas become reality

Laura Di Santolo

Occupation: Co-Founder & Managing Director at Forward·Inc

The Netherlands

Inspired changemaker helping newcomers pursue their entrepreneurial dreams

Laura Gallo

Occupation: CEO of Il Giardinone Cooperativa Sociale


Serial entrepreneur dedicated to circular economy

Laura Guerra-Arias

Occupation: Founder & CEO of Redpanti


Biochemist providing women more comfortable and more sustainable choices

Laura McDermott

Occupation: Director of Academic Experience & Innovation at IE Business School, Madrid


Designing impactful experiences through sustainable innovation

Liene Reine-Miteva

Occupation: Founder & Director of LLC Ligero


Advocate for strong social impact through strategic communication

Lígia Gomes

Occupation: Co-Founder & COO at Peggada


Changemaker providing awareness and tools to live a sustainable life

Liliana Ribeiro

Occupation: CEO of IRIS Social Innovation Incubator


Developer of innovative and collaborative projects

Liz Gleeson

Occupation: Director of Shapes Of Grief


Bereavement therapist provide invaluable support during the grieving process

Luísa Ferreira

Occupation: Head of Social at European Investment Bank Institute


Leader seeking to build people’s skills, leadership and confidence

Margarita Albors

Occupation: Founder & President of Social Nest Foundation


Innovator passionate about entrepreneurship, technology and investing for impact

Marie-Luise Meinhold

Occupation: Founder & CEO of Projektgesellschaft AG


A champion in the sector of sustainability

Martina Ferracane

Occupation: Founder & President of FabLab Western Sicily


Bringing positive change through creative education

Michelle Smith

Occupation: CEO at Mpower People CIC


Serial entrepreneur helping people improve their lives

Milena Glimbovski

Occupation: Founder & CEO of Original Unpacked and a Good Publisher


Pioneer in the ecological entrepreneurial world

Monique Maissan

Occupation: Founder & CEO of Waste2wear

The Netherlands

Dutch entrepreneur and sustainable textile engineer

Naomi Butters

Occupation: Co-Founder & Director of ICENA Ltd


Entrepreneur proving training and consultancy to help create safe and equitable (work)spaces

Natasha Eeles

Occupation: Founder & CEO at Bold Voices


Advocate and educator for gender equality

Neusa Sousa

Occupation: Founder & CEO of Afro Beauty Tea


Teacher and inspiration for women across the world, helping them achieve their dream lifestyle

Nicolina Fransson

Occupation: Founder & CEO at Ommej


A visionary leveraging tech to help children tell their own story

Nina Kamp

Occupation: Founder of The NICE Company

The Netherlands

Entrepreneur creating impact with the tastiest treats out there

Photo curtesy of Can Wagener

Özge Efendi

Occupation: Co-Founder of bli bla blub & CoLab - Das Community Labor e.V.


Creative nanoscientist bringing discovery to you

Pamela Benitez

Occupation: Founder & CEO of The Virtual Events Experience


Pioneer of social causes through virtual events

Paula Cardoso

Occupation: Founder & CEO of Afrolink


Excellence in representation and innovation

Petra Rahn

Occupation: Founder and CEO of Bildungsprofis


Integrating refugees in the labor market since 2015.

Pirkko Valge

Occupation: CEO at Heateo Sihtasutus & Good Deed Foundation


Leader supporting the launch and scaling of high-impact initiatives

Rebekka Dober

Occupation: Founder & CEO of YEP


Encouraging young people to take action everyday

Rosa Arias

Occupation: CEO & Founder at Science for Change


Chemical engineer bringing science closer to society for a real impact

Rosie Ginday

Occupation: Founder & CEO of Miss Macaroon


Ispirational innovator ready to conquer society with her sweet tooth

Sabrina Konzok

Occupation: Managing Director of Kiron Digital


Driver and innovator in EdTech and social entrepreneurship

Sam Thomson

Occupation: Founder & CEO of Ardagh Community Trust/Horfield Common CIC


Leader, academic & creative, social entrepreneur. Champion of public parks and green spaces for community wellbeing.

Sara Barros Leitão

Occupation: Founder & CEO of Cassandra


Waking minds through art and theatre

Sára Pásztor

Occupation: Founder & CEO of Jamba in Hungary


Creative and assiduous interdisciplinary professional

Sarah Boateng

Occupation: Founder & CEO of IGEA Enterprise


Passionate advocate for gender equality

Siobhan Cafferty

Occupation: Criminal Justice Sector Social Enterprise Project Manager


Trained facilitator of social enterprise and employment strategy

Sofia Gonzalez Chiraux

Occupation: Founder & CEO of Ahimsa


Manufacturer of an equal gender narrative within organizations

Stephanie Darvill

Occupation: Cofounder & COO of Aline


A skilled communicator and researcher creating more equitable opportunities for learning

Suzanne Noble

Occupation: Co-founder of Advantages of Age & Startup School for Seniors


Supporting people aged 50+ to manifest the life they desire, turning an idea into a business

Tatiana Glad

Occupation: Executive Director of Impact Hub Network

The Netherlands

Leader driven by passion and purpose to nurture entrepreneurial innovations

Tatjana Vučić

Occupation: Executive Director of Philanthropy Forum

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Strategist. Visionary. Changemaker. 

Tebogo Nimindé-Dundadengar

Occupation: Co-founder & CEO of Tebalou


Author, speaker and entrepreneur supporting you to support the next generation.

Temitope Kamson

Occupation: Founder & CEO of GT Scholars CIC


Educator building impactful online programmes, that help young people connect with global corporations, and achieve their academic & career aspirations

Uta Deutschländer

Occupation: President of EuCIE | CEO of Alexianer Textilpflege GmbH


Exceptional innovator developing inclusive enterprises into an essential model

Veronika Samokovliyski

Occupation: Co-Founder & CFO of Can You Association


Investing in people to create a better future

Ylva Lundkvist Fridh

Occupation: CEO of Mikrofonden Sverige


Organisational developer and economic historian with expertise in social finance & social entrepreneurship

Yonca Braeckman

Occupation: Founder & CEO Impact Shakers


Mission-driven entrepreneur and investor in underrepresented founders

Yoon-Joo JEE

Occupation: Co-founder of Snowball Effect


Visionary entrepreneur spreading impactful solutions through replication

Yvonne Cvilak

Occupation: Managing Director of AfB Group


Innovative entrepreneur giving second life to discarded hardware

Learn more about the Top 100 Women in Social Enterprise Initiative and explore last year’s list HERE. Stay tuned as we will be featuring interviews with women trailblazers from the Top 100 list in the following weeks!

Euclid Network (EN) is the European Social Enterprise Network. Founded in 2007, EN has been a frontrunner in shaping the European impact ecosystem in the past decade. The global community of changemakers is growing and so is our network: our members represent over 100,000 organisations in 21 countries throughout Europe and beyond.

Together with its members, EN strives towards an economy that works for people and the planet in support of all 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, making impact its daily business. Our vision is to see social entrepreneurship and social innovation pave the way for a new green and just economy.

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