The time has come. After months of conceptualising, planning and testing, Euclid Network and its local partners are excited to share that – the first regional online platform for the social enterprise sector in MENA will launch 22 March.

The platform was born out of an initiative in the scope of the EU-funded MedUP! project and currently features organisations from Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon.

MedUP! aims at promoting social entrepreneurship in the above mentioned MENA countries as a driver for inclusive growth and job creation. Initiated by Oxfam IT in 2018, MedUP! is now in its fourth and final year.

Based on the collaborative work with our local partners in the region and findings of national needs assessments, as well as ecosystem studies conducted within MedUP!, the need for a convening platform for the social enterprise sector in the region was identified. To confirm the common consensus for the platform and to identify local partners for the conceptualisation and maintenance of the platform, EN hosted five national events in 2021. Ever since, the consortium of voluntary local partners have worked together to ensure added value of the platform for a wide range of SE actors.

For a start, the platform will be available in English, French and Arabic. It features the option to create an organisation profile for different SE key actors; provides a search function to identify and connect with relevant organisations; as well as a blog section. However, the se-mena team is already planning additional features to be added in the near future.

What is the platform about? aims at providing a convening platform and knowledge database for the social enterprise ecosystems in the MENA region. More specifically, its vision is to:

  • Break silos between key actors in the social enterprise ecosystem.
  • Increase the visibility of social entrepreneurship.
  • Foster partnerships and collaborations.
  • Facilitate access to services.

Who is concerned?
The platform was created for everyone – be it organisations active in the social enterprise sector or individuals who would like to explore what the region has to offer. Here are some examples of the different actors coming together on,

  • Social Enterprises
  • Social Enterprise Support Organisations
  • Social Finance Providers
  • Policy and Advocacy Actors
  • Research and Education Institutions

Se-mena’s impact beyond MENA?
Beside the above mentioned, the platform can serve as a great resource for non-MENA actors to get a better understanding of the social enterprise ecosystems in the region, as well as to identify potential project partners, collaboration opportunities, etc.

Make sure to spread the word about with your network. Let’s join forces to strengthen the social enterprise sector and create a lasting social impact together!

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