Following the release of the EN Top 100 Women in Social Enterprise List, we sat down with some of the featured women changemakers to hear their perspective on their careers and the social enterprise sector. 

In the spirit of empowering women leaders in Europe, EN has launched the Top 100 Women in Social Enterprise Initiative. Through this initiative EN celebrates women in the social enterprise sector, spotlighting their impact journey and achievements, connecting them to learn from and inspire each other.

Based on almost 500 answers from an open call for nominations, the jury selected 100 women to be featured on the Top 100 Women in Social Enterprise List. The chosen women stood out as having created significant positive social and/or environmental impact and demonstrated outstanding leadership skills. We had the pleasure to sit down with some the women on the List and hear them tell their own stories of becoming successful impact practitioners. Read these exclusive interviews and get inspired by their stories of leading the way in the areas of social entrepreneurship and innovation. 

Interviews with women changemakers

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Ewa Konczal 
Manager for Central and Eastern Europe

Ivana Stančić
Program Manager at Smart Kolektiv

Marta Lozano Molano
President of Wazo Coop
Director of Wazo Magazine

Raluca Bacinschi-Stratulat
CEO at Izibac

Huriye Göncüoğlu Bodur
Founding and board member at Kadın Balıkçılar Derneği – Women in Fisheries Society

Ann Branch
Head of Unit for Job Creation in the European Commission’s DG EMPL

Jeroo Billimoria
Founder of One Family Foundation
Co-Founder of Catalyst 2030

Ulla Engelmann
Acting Director Networks & Governance at European Commission

Berta Argenté

Founder & CEO at Blum Company Builder

Carole Riehl

CEO of Optic for Good

Celmira Macedo

Founder and CEO of EKUI

Cynthia Asije

Adirelounge CEO

Diana Lapkis

Co-founder & CEO of NewDoor – International Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation platform

Dora Palfi

Co-founder & CEO of imagi

Elena Parras Durán

Founder and CEO at 55+

Elianne Leeffers

CEO & Founder Go Potty

Elisangela Lima de Souza

Founder and CEO IDE Social Hub Country: Portugal

Isabella Lenarduzzi

Serial social entrepreneur; Founder of JUMP, Solutions for Equity at Work

Isabelle Bart

Founder and CEO of Impact Innovator

Jacqueline Djoumoi-Guez

CEO of Clap Productions Company based in Mayotte

Joanna Pollard

Project Lead for Social Enterprise UK, eBay for Change Membership & Monitoring Lead, BAFTS Fair Trade Network UK and Director, All’s Fair Tours Ltd

Julie Murat

Co-founder & COO of Bridge for Billions

Karin Kandt-Reinders

Founder & Owner Fair Fabrics

Karin Kreutzer

Professor of Social Business, Co-Director EBS Impact Institute, Vice Dean Research

Kristina Notz

Executive Director, Social Entrepreneurship Academy (SEA)

Krisztina Tora

Chief Market Development Officer at the Global Steering Group for Impact Investment (GSG)

Lieke Hallegraeff

Founder, Purpose Club

Lise Pape

Founder, Walk With Path

Lorraine Corcoran

Director, Social Enterprise Republic of Ireland (SERI)

Lucia Gonzalez Navarrete

Founder at NATIVES

Luciana Delle Donne

Founder and CEO of Made In Carcere

Lusia Barseghyan

Founder – Evolet Silk

Maria de Fátima Pinho Ferreira Pinto

Director of Pony Club do Porto

Marta Zaccagnini

Senior Manager Europe – Village Capital

Nancy Moorman

 Country Director Enactus Netherlands

Nancy Thomas

 Director, IMS – Inspiring More Sustainability

Natalia Białobrzewska

 Founder & Managing Director, Kontakt Kollektiv

Nina Poxleitner

Co-Founder & Managing Partner at wirkt. (wirkt. social innovation GmbH (gemeinnützig)

Sinead Crowley

Co-founder of AwakenHub

Slobodanka Pavlović

President of the Women’s association RUZA Lebane Serbia and founder of Social enterprise of Radanska RUŽA ltd Lebane

Sofie Nordström

Founder and Deputy CEO, QuizrrUŽA ltd Lebane

Sónia Fernandes

Founder & President of Pista Mágica

Walburga Fröhlich

CEO and co-founder of capito

Zita Pancsovay

CEO, Etesd Non-profit Public Benefit Co.

Astrid Bruinsma-Eggink

Founder of Sofie

Jean Guo

Co-founder/CEO at Konexio

Katrin Schuhen

CEO of Wasser 3.0

Euclid Network (EN) is the European Social Enterprise Network. Founded in 2007, EN has been a frontrunner in shaping the European impact ecosystem in the past decade. The global community of changemakers is growing and so is our network: our members represent over 100,000 organisations in 21 countries throughout Europe and beyond.

Together with its members, EN strives towards an economy that works for people and the planet in support of all 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, making impact its daily business. Our vision is to see social entrepreneurship and social innovation pave the way for a new green and just economy.

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