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The European Commission can set up an expert group when it needs specialist advice from outside experts (like Euclid Network) as a basis for sound policymaking. The GECES (Commission Expert Group on the Social Economy and Social enterprises) was constituted to advise the European Commission on policy initiatives related to the social economy and social enterprise.  This consultative body is set up by the Commission is composed of 40 experts from the private sector  (check all members here), 40 experts from the public sector and observers from organisations such as the OECD and the UN.


– Assist the Commission in relation to the implementation of existing Union legislation, programmes and policies
– Assist the Commission in the preparation of delegated acts
– Assist the Commission in the preparation of legislative proposals and policy initiatives
– Coordinate with Member States, exchange of views
– Provides expertise to the Commission when preparing implementing measures, i.e. before the Commission submits these draft measures to a comitology committee

Why EN is a member/observer:

EN joined GECES in 2018 and ever since we’ve zealously contributed our expertise, allowing the collective voices of our members to be heard at the highest policy-making levels. We are pleased to see that the European Commission (EC) has welcomed our input on the impact of COVID-19 on the social enterprise sector and took note of our recommendations for the European Action Plan for Social Economy (2021 – 2026).

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