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The COVID-19 crisis is having a significant impact on social enterprise across Europe and beyond. Social enterprises have not been spared – they are facing an immediate collapse of sales and consequent cash flow problems, while the need for their vital services is more pressing than ever. In line with their mission and values, these social enterprises are stepping up to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, continuing to provide vital services and networks, playing a crucial role in serving society’s most vulnerable and bringing us together towards common goals.

Despite the critical role of social enterprise in responding to COVID-19, there are only a few examples in Europe of sector-specific stimulus packages and for this reason, social enterprise faced difficulties accessing emergency business support.

As we move towards the next phase of the COVID-19 crisis, in many countries, governments have a unique chance for a green and inclusive recovery that they must seize. The European Commissions’ Recovery Plan – Next Generation EU needs to be aligned with ambitious policies to tackle climate change and social exclusion, and must recognise the role of social enterprises in working towards our shared objectives.

The members of Euclid Network have directly contributed to the identification of needs of the sector by providing the European Commissions’ relevant directorates with live information about the impact of COVID-19 on social enterprise.

Euclid Network and its members continue to showcase their work alongside the European Commission through ongoing effort to map the requirements of the social enterprises to respond to the crisis and rebuild better after the crisis.

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