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Passionate and dedicated, leaders of social enterprises are on a mission to help society and the environment. Last week, NGO and social enterprise leaders from Russia and the UK came together in Moscow for the second round of PeerEx, a knowledge exchange programme organized by Euclid Network, CAF UK and CAF Russia.

The purpose of this exchange is to share learnings around organisational resilience and develop ideas for future collaborations between the UK and Russia based organizations.

While the leaders operate in different contexts, it is striking how the challenges are very similar As Angela Beardsley from Resonate Together puts it:


“I have been completely surprised by the amount of connections and similarities between the British and Russian leaders and also how quickly CAF and Euclid Network have been able to create an environment that builds trust”.



The peers benefit from taking a step back and allowing themselves to analyze the past, understand the present and explore options for the future.  The exchange gives the opportunity to consider one’s own position from a fresh point of view. Yulia Matyuhkina from Second Wind Charitable Foundation says that “all NGOs and social enterprises are facing the same problems and it’s important for us to gather together to discuss things that matter to us and I think in this dialogue we can actually be more productive”.

Are you an impact-driven leader and keen to participate in the PeerEx programme yourself? Reach out to Veerle Klijn or follow us on Twitter & LinkedIn.

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Euclid Network organizes international peer-to-peer exchanges to empower impact leaders to drive positive change and strengthen the international community for social impact. Through the PeerEx programme Euclid Networks brings together leaders of social enterprise, civil society and NGOs from different countries to share innovative ideas and practice, strengthen entrepreneurial leadership and create new partnerships to deliver on the SDGs.

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