The second edition of the UNTFSSE technical symposium took place in Trento (Italy) from November 21 to 22, 2019. As Euclid Network only recently joined the Taskforce, the gathering provided us with the perfect setting to learn more about the taskforce itself and our peers in particular. Two staff members of Euclid Network participated in the retreat: Suzanne Wisse-Huiskes and Veerle Klijn.

The overall objective of the gathering was to create a stronger UNTFSSE team, which can apply and build on the different members and observers’ extensive expertise to promote Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE), drawing on internal and external resources and partners. In particular strengthening the capacity of the Task Force in:

  1. Policy
    • Increasing visibility and recognition of SSE globally, especially as a suitable vehicle of achieving and localizing SDGs;
    • Supporting the process lead by one or more UN member states, towards a possible UN Resolution on the SSE: Having a UN Resolution would give more recognition to the SSE and an official mandate to the UNTFSSE.
  2. Knowledge sharing
    • Creating an enabling environment for SSE at different levels; Improving communications: UNTFSSE has launched the SSE Knowledge Hub as a repository of its research-based outputs on the role of the SSE for the SDGs.
    • More efforts should be made to develop and implement communication strategies under one umbrella, tapping into existing platforms of members and observers (e.g. Euclid Network, ILO, UNRISD, Euricse, by RIPESS,  CIRIEC).
  3. Capacity building
    • Contributing in knowledge creation and sharing around the SSE and sustainable and inclusive development.
    • Adopting a programmatic approach: There is a need to create a programme that would draw on different expertise and stronger commitments from funding and non-funding partners.

These three topics will be the priorities of the UNTFSSE work plan for 2020. Looking at the key outcomes, we recognize the synergy with EN’s three key goals and activities: 1) policy 2) capacity building and 3) knowledge sharing. As an observer, we are ready to bring our expertise to promote the Social and Solidarity Economy, drawing on internal and external resources and partners to support the taskforce in its mission.

The two-day meeting proved to be very interactive, round table sessions and working groups, in order to allow members and observers to participate both separately and together. ITC-ILO (Turin) did an excellent job on supporting this gathering!

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