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Social enterprises as an integral part of the fair, green and circular transition in Europe

Every day in Europe, 2.8 million social economy enterprises employing some 19.1 million people are dedicated to solving societal challenges whilst running a sustainable business. All in all, this accounts for some 6.3% of the total paid workforce in Europe. Unlike traditional businesses, social enterprises create revenues and profits that are directly re-invested into up-skilling, innovative jobs and training opportunities. By working towards an inclusive and circular economy with a vision for a more cohesive society, they create social and environmental value.

Euclid Network together with RREUSE, Caritas Europa and Microfinance Centre welcome the ambition of the European Commission to invest in a green Europe and work towards a climate neutral Europe by 2050 through the proposed European Green Deal and Sustainable Europe Investment Plan. We commend the appetite to unlock 1 trillion EUR of climate-related investment which we believe has the potential for strategic job creation with social and environmental impact. Social enterprises trading for social or environmental purposes, offer business models to achieve our shared objective for lasting sustainable development. Notably, environmental services such as re-use, recycle, repair, and innovation or impact measurement can contribute. Therefore, we call upon the European Commission to invest in social enterprises to implement the European Green deal, and encourage sustainable, inclusive public procurement opportunities.

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