Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (EYE) Programme Assistant

Fascinated by the world of impact and social enterprises? Do you have what it takes to help us generate more social impact? Euclid Network (EN) relocated from London to the Hague and is expanding the team. Apply now for the role of EYE programme assistant!

Our mission – and yours?

In tomorrow’s economy, the success of businesses is not only measured by their profitability, but by the responsibility with which they treat the planet and the dignity with which they treat people. Social entrepreneurs and leaders are the world’s frontrunners, dedicated to solving societal challenges while running a sustainable business. As a European network for social enterprises and impact-driven leaders we connect and support those organizations that are helping social enterprises to be successful and be so continually.

EYE and other strategic programs and special events

The EYE programme ( facilitates the exchange of experienced and new entrepreneurs across Europe. True to our organisation’s focus, we target with this programme social enterprises and seek to support them in their development.
Besides EYE, our programmes include PeerEx, MedUp!, Social Enterprise Lab and the strategic partnership EaSI. Our events create a platform for impact-driven organizations from all corners of Europe to present themselves, connect to investors, public officials and exchange experiences to scale together. We are proud of the Gathering to Grow event, Social Finance Café and the EN Summit. More information on


Interested in this position? Check out the vacancy above and apply by Tuesday 1st of October.

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