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Euclid Network has been a partner in the WeGO! project for the last two years and is pleased to present the WeGO! toolkit.

This toolkit aims to provide women’s rights NGOs with concrete tools to support victims of intimate partner violence (IPV) in their personal and economic empowerment.


This is the result of peer exchanges among NGOs and external experts through three mutual learning events as well as research activities, which identified key intervention areas. A pilot version of the toolkit was tested by the NGOs and allowed the project to assess the effectiveness of tools and adjust the toolkit.

wego key stats women's rights NGOsIn the toolkit, WeGO! advocates for five core coaching skills that would enable social workers in women’s rights NGOs to support women to get a job:

  1. Building rapport
  2. Deeper listening
  3. Using intuition
  4. Asking questions
  5. Giving supportive feedback

The WeGO! toolkit also provides a set of tools which social workers can use to promote economic empowerment of women who have been victims of intimate partner violence, i.e. clients of the women’s rights NGOs – under the following objectives:

  • To recover women’s personal resources and translate them into competences
  • To define a professional plan
  • To support some critical areas/competences for the empowerment of IPV survivors
  • To raise gender awareness
  • To restore social networks and promote collective empowerment
  • To develop job searching skills safely
  • To develop ICT skills safely
  • To develop entrepreneurship skills
Under the last objectives of developing entrepreneurial skills, Euclid Network proposed simple tools for clients’ to evaluate their own creativity and test whether their own ideas are worth pursuing as a business. For those wanting to go further, the EU’s ENTRECOMP framework also sets out 15 entrepreneurial skills under three headings: (1) Spotting ideas and opportunities; (2) Mobilizing resources and (3) Moving into action.
EU entrecomp wheel for women's rights NGOs

Get involved

Women’s rights NGOs can get support and advice from the project partners on implementing the toolkit.


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