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28 March 2017 – European Parliament, Brussels

Euclid Network and members of its social enterprise network, along with other key stakeholders, will meet at the European Parliament to support efforts to regain momentum in EU policy and funding for social enterprise. The event is being hosted by Guillaume Balas MEP.

The Social Business Initiative (SBI) was launched in 2011 by then Commissioner Michel Barnier. It sought to make the European policy and funding environment more favourable to social entrepreneurs.

The EU Social Business Expert Group (GECES in French) is a consultative group of 42 experts formed by the Commission to advise it on the implementation of the SBI. They are drawn from universities, think-tanks, financial sector, local authorities and the social economy field.

The second incarnation of GECES published its general report in autumn 2016. Our CEO, Stephen J. Barnett, takes a first look at it in his Captain’s blog here.

Gathering to Grow Part II will have a dual focus on:

  1. social enterprises in action in supporting the integration of refugees
  2. the European Action Plan on Social Enterprises called for by the GECES

You can find out more and register here. We look forward to welcoming you there.

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