Around the world, NGOs and social enterprises are having to find new ways to adapt to changes in the political and financial landscapes they operate in.

The charity and social enterprise sector in Russia and the UK is no exception to this. Experts from both sides came face to face in December 2018, only to discover that they deal with many of the same issues and have more in common than they thought. Funded by the British Embassy in Moscow, this project was implemented by Euclid Network and our local partner Charities Aid Foundation Russia.

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The aim of the programme was to help organisations exchange knowledge on how to strengthen civil society and social enterprise by seeking alternative solutions and building sustainability.

Euclid Network’s peer exchanges match participants from different countries to work together, face to face, within a wider group. While some aspects are guided – including introductory webinars and expert-led workshops or discussions – the emphasis is on allowing peers to work together in whatever way is most useful to them. It’s also about building relationships, according to Irina Makeeva. “This is what makes us closer – we are all people. I’m looking forward to people coming to Novosibirsk now. So the methodology works!”

Contact Marta Bruschi or Veerle Klijn to find out more about our Peer Exchanges.

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