Trans-Atlantic Peer Exchange Programme aims to build knowhow for civil society leadership by enhancing collaborations between leaders of big and small NGOs and social enterprises in Hungary, the UK and the US.


The project involves the following phases:


Needs assessment

1.1 Needs assessment mission by EN in country

1.2 Peers’ application to the programme and selection

1.3 Selection of British charity and social enterprise peers

1.4 Peers’ participation in local masterclasses or webinars


Peer Exchanges

2.1 Peer Exchanges week 1 takes place in UK

2.2. First open seminar on relevant topics with wider European involvement


Return Peer Exchanges and Open Seminar

3.1 Peer Exchanges week 2 in country with British peers’ participation

3.2 Second open seminar on relevant topics with wider European involvement

3.3 Evaluation and review

Read our article for the project results and updates

PeerEX Hungary – Learning from the best: each other

A strong civil society is crucial for democracy and social cohesion. But in Hungary, declining public funding and shrinking space for dissent are making it difficult for civil society organisations (CSOs) to provide services, mobilise citizens or hold government to account.

Contact Marta Bruschi to find out more about Peer Exchanges.

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