Promoting social entrepreneurship in the Mediterranean region

We’re working with partners from across Europe and the southern Mediterranean to help develop the social entrepreneurship sector, in order to drive inclusive growth and job creation.



MedUP! (2018-2022) aims to increase economic inclusiveness and employment in Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine, through:

  1. promoting policy and advocacy initiatives and public-private dialogue, to create an enabling regulatory and policy environment
  2. reinforcing 60 social entrepreneurship support organisations through capacity-building and networking
  3. providing financial and technical support to 100 social enterprises

MedUP! will stimulate social entrepreneurship development as an innovative model to address persistent poverty and inequality by harnessing the potential of the youth bulge.

Project partners

This project is led by Oxfam, in partnership with Euclid Network, Diesis and Impact Hub International in Europe.

Southern Mediterranean partners are the Tunisian Center for Social Entrepreneurship (TCSE) in Tunisia, ENACTUS in Morocco; JOHUD in Jordan; PARC in Palestine; and SEKEM in Egypt.

Our role

In year one, Euclid Network is managing a needs assessment which will:

  • Map each country’s ecosystem in terms of social enterprise policies
  • Identify strengths and needs of existing and potential social enterprise support organisations
  • Identify successful social entrepreneurs

Check back later for more project updates.

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