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EN Impact Summit 2024

Built around the theme “Building Bridges – From Intention to Action” , the Euclid Network Impact Summit 2024, hosted on 20-21 March 2024, will bring together a diverse community of leaders.

European Social Innovation Campus (ESIC)

Joining the Pact for Skills on Proximity and Social Economy, the European Social Innovation Campus (ESIC) contributes to the challenge of the upskilling and reskilling of 5% of the workforce and [...]

Buy Social Europe B2B

Today’s ecological and social challenges and increasing awareness of these issues are heightening consumer preferences for environmentally friendly and socially responsible products.

Annual Consultations

Welcome to the Annual Consultation Page at Euclid Network. The Annual Membership Consultation is a yearly questionnaire sent to the whole Network to gather input from the members.

New Member Interview

As a member-driven organisation, Euclid Network thrives on welcoming new members and learning from a constant exchange of ideas, best practices and ongoing projects.

Spotlight On Series

Euclid Network’s Spotlight On Series seeks to highlight EN members activities and achievements by amplifying the reach of their dissemination via our channels.

EN Impact Reports

At Euclid Network, our motto is to drive positive change together. In pursuing positive change, it is important to measure it against our initial goals and objectives. Annually, Euclid Network [...]

The Social Economist Podcast

Listen to the Social Economy Podcast – the podcast which bursts the bubble of EU jargon and brings the developments in European social entrepreneurship to you.

Open Business for Community Development (OBCD)

OBCD takes inspiration from the analysis of a new entrepreneurship paradigm. Based on the necessity of combining economic growth and social innovation, the project aims to create more inclusive, [...]

EU Funding

Learn more and access the current calls for tenders and proposals at EU level as well diverse funding programmes, the European Commission provides, including cash prizes, grants and [...]

Policy and Advocacy

Euclid Network is internationally recognized as a key sectoral representative of social enterprise, taking part in multiple Committees, advocating and contributing to shaping policy.



EU3Digital develops learning resources specific to the needs of European social enterprises to develop their digital competencies, advance their digital strategies, help them to engage with [...]

European Social Innovation Competition

Launched in memory of social innovation pioneer Diogo Vasconcelos, the European Social Innovation Competition is a Competition run annually by the European Commission.

R.R.E.S.I. Project

Resilient Regional Ecosystems for Social Impact" (R.R.E.S.I.) aims to set up a network of regions to exchange best practices in areas of social entrepreneurship and innovation.

R.E.S.E.T. Project

The EU Project Relaunching Employment with Social Economy in the Territories aims at creating positive social impact jobs through exchange of best practices between local and regional authorities.


#BuySocial is part of a worldwide movement to highlight socially ethical organisations along with a series of good practices and activities that enhance a circular economy.


An EU-funded project which promotes social entrepreneurship in the Mediterranean region.

Peer Exchanges

Empowering civil society organisations and social enterprises through leadership exchanges

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