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Membership is open to organisations which promote and develop third sector leadership and development, social entrepreneurship and social innovation. Member Organisations are usually:

  • Associations/membership bodies for non-profit leaders and social entrepreneurs
  • Training, development and capacity-building bodies
  • Individual non-profit or social economy organisations and social enterprises

What we offer

  • Networking with leaders of the third sector and the social enterprise movement across Europe
  • Grow your knowledge of other European countries – learn how others are working with similar challenges in a different context
  • Europe-wide recognition for championing social entrepreneurship, third sector development & leadership, social innovation, responsible research & innovation
  • Opportunities to contribute to our EU-funded projects on social innovation, social enterprise, responsible research & innovation
  • Insider knowledge, advice and support on EU policy and funding
  • Visibility through our website and social media channels, reaching out to over 5000 leaders of third sector and social enterprise
  • Opportunities to bid for EU and other projects with EN and other Member Organisations

Membership contribution

Members share their knowledge and experience with others in the network and beyond, contribute to EN’s projects and policy work. They are also invited to share information about EN’s work widely in their own country and sector.

The standard annual membership contribution is 1500 Euros. As we wish membership to be accessible, organisations may apply for a reduced contribution 850 Euros (for those based in the 13 ‘new’ EU Member States) and 500 Euros (for those based in the European Neighbourhood).

Euclid Network is supported by the European Commission through the Europe for Citizens programme 2014-20.

Euclid Network, Regents Wharf, 2nd Floor, 8 All Saints Street, London, N1 9RL