Time to implement new EU toolkit for women’s rights NGOs

Euclid Network (EN) has been a partner in the WeGO! project for the last two years and is pleased to present the WeGO! toolkit. The aim of the toolkit is to provide women’s rights NGOs with [...]

How the EU could do more to support women’s rights NGOs

Intimate partner violence (IPV) is a widespread problem in the European Union: according to the European Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) almost 22% of women experience physical and/or sexual [...]

The WeGO! project provides evidence to invest in women’s economic empowerment

International Day for the elimination of violence against women: according to the WE GO! Project, it’s necessary to invest in women’s economic empowerment Public conference – Brussels 30 [...]

WE GO! Final conference – 30 November 2017

How can shelters for female victims of intimate partner violence better support women in becoming financially independent? What could be the role of social entrepreneurship? The WE GO! [...]

WE GO! Facilitating learning between anti-violence centres

Nearly one in four women (22%) in the European Union has been physically or sexually abused by her own partner, according to the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights. Intimate partner violence is one [...]