Making gender equality hard to ignore: PeerEx UK-Poland

13 women, two countries, countless conversations: participants in the UK-Poland Peer Ex project, who met face-to-face in Warsaw last week, had plenty to share. The UK-Poland edition — focused on [...]

Laying foundations for a network of social entrepreneurs in Kosovo

Social entrepreneurship in Kosovo is still at an early stage, with few networks or support platforms, and no clear legal definition of a social enterprise. Meanwhile women in Kosovo make up only [...]

PeerEX Hungary – Learning from the best: each other

A strong civil society is crucial for democracy and social cohesion. But in Hungary, declining public funding and shrinking space for dissent are making it difficult for civil society [...]

Connecting civil society and social enterprise leaders from Hungary, the UK and the US

We connected eight civil society organisations and social enterprise leaders from Hungary, the UK and the US for one week in Scotland. Find out what happened… How do organisations in our [...]

Euro-Atlantic Open Seminar: Joining Forces

15-16 September 2016 – Edinburgh, Scotland

Fostering social innovation in the Balkan region

We took part in the annual Regional Social Innovation Forum, presenting some of the outcomes of the Euclid Summit 2016 and the future key skills required for social innovators. The Regional [...]