Let’s turn the semantic tables on social finance

Euclid Network CEO Stephen Barnett reflects on the power play between investors and investees — and suggests a new way to consider the relationship.

“Catalysts for innovative policy solutions”: the role of city and regional governments

Policies can do much to support (or to hinder) a flourishing ecosystem for social impact. National strategies may boast a wider reach, but actions on a more local level can often go deeper and be [...]

Making gender equality hard to ignore: PeerEx UK-Poland

13 women, two countries, countless conversations: participants in the UK-Poland Peer Ex project, who met face-to-face in Warsaw last week, had plenty to share. The UK-Poland edition — focused on [...]

One month to go, 8 things to know

(1) What, when, where? Euclid Network’s main event held every two years, on 11-12 April 2018 in The Hague, focused on making better places for social entrepreneurs and civil society [...]

Laying foundations for a network of social entrepreneurs in Kosovo

Social entrepreneurship in Kosovo is still at an early stage, with few networks or support platforms, and no clear legal definition of a social enterprise. Meanwhile women in Kosovo make up only [...]

More than just a caffeine hit: Social entrepreneur Laura Gallo

Lauro Gallo is an entrepreneur with ten years’ experience in commercial strategy and financial management, including at the Milan-based social cooperative Il Giardinone, where she is now [...]

Time to implement new EU toolkit for women’s rights NGOs

Euclid Network (EN) has been a partner in the WeGO! project for the last two years and is pleased to present the WeGO! toolkit. The aim of the toolkit is to provide women’s rights NGOs with [...]

How the EU could do more to support women’s rights NGOs

Intimate partner violence (IPV) is a widespread problem in the European Union: according to the European Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) almost 22% of women experience physical and/or sexual [...]

Passing the President’s baton: Neven Marinovic

You’ve taken on this role at a time of transition for Euclid Network, as well as a time of some pretty big challenges across Europe. How are you feeling about it? I’m excited and honoured, maybe [...]

Passing the President’s baton: Sir John Low

In January 2018 Sir John Low is due to step down as Euclid Network’s President, after serving ten years on the Board. We sat him down in Brussels for a last chance to glean some words of wisdom [...]

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